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Lead Generation


Our Lead Generation Services accelerate market penetration by providing qualified early stage sales opportunities.

Lead Generation: A Fresh Approach... 

...Telemarketing Inclusive NOT Exclusive?


Within the last couple of years Concentrica has witnessed a seismic downturn in the ‘dialogue to call ratio’ achieved in regard to certain IT Solutions – Telemarketing based Business Development Campaigns. Essentially, we believe that IT Executives have grown tired of the sheer volume of sales calls received and have consequently reverted to an often unhelpful and falsely euphoric state of ‘Permanent Voice-Mail.’


Some of our perceived competitors have buried their heads in the sand and carried on with a ‘business as usual’ approach to volume Telemarketing – still promising the earth, undercutting their rivals on cost and yet still failing to deliver – others have simply withdrawn.


Concentrica has responded with a different approach to the problem…….we still very much recognise the value of Telemarketing (or in Concentrica’s language – ‘Field Sales On The Phone’) but definitely not in isolation, rather as integral with a wider and more coordinate campaign. 


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B2B Telemarketing

B2B Telemarketing offers a quantifiable and highly effective route to market, with dynamic drive when used often in combination with other business development channels such as digital and social media. 


It is essential to make a positive and professional impact when establishing dialogue. The Telemarketer is often dealing with individuals who may be difficult to reach and almost certainly have limited time, perhaps also with the easy philosophy of retaining the incumbent supplier, the prospect of change appearing too difficult. 


Effective Telemarketing requires a style of questioning as important as the content of the questions themselves, asking  the right question and at the right time.  


Qualified Sales Leads and Appointments are established faster by conversing with prospects direct via this traditional route, which has powerful and positive ROI impact when complemented with other demand generation campaigns.The ability to spark an immediate rapport, importantly with gravitas, is essential. 


Concentrica will indentify key contacts and discover business objectives, needs and time frames.


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